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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

2 Traxx wanted to leave this section for everyone else thats had a pic taken with.

Feel free to send in pics you want featured on here

Well this is an amazing picture. Caught up with the one and only Miss Dynamite 2 Traxx's first time playing at brighton pride in the Urban World tent. Definitely one to remember. 4 years on still going strong.

#festival #deejay #dj #musicfestival #musician

Black Pride 2018 was lovely to see everyone smiling and so happy. Lets look forward to 2019 UKBP

Traxx Working alongside The Artful Dodger. Lovely pic guys.

2 Traxx with her BAD (Beats And Dance) sister Shiloh. Keep your eyes open for her on the Tech house scene

Urban Slag Birmingham (Halloween 2018) Not sure which one is Traxx but I'm thinking the tallest one at the back.

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